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- 06/23/14 e.v.

Greetings to all who support us in this dark and hateful war ...
It is with great pride that I come disclose the return of TORQVEREM horde, and also in all its means of expression (to the stage, and also in the implementation of the new album after seven years of evocations in VBER Crvciatvs). We will count with the support of Christian (Spell Forest and Cruor Cultum) in the recording and with Fabio Zperandio (Ophiolatry and Gorgoroth) mixing, and the official distribution with Pagan War Distro and Sulphur Records (representative of the French Drakkar in Brazil). So we are strengthening us to soon bring more news to the entity called TORQVEREM.

- V. A. Necrovisceral – Torqverem

- 07/04/13 e.v.

Communicate the departure of drummer Janvs Necrokramer of Torqverem.
Janvs helped express the hidden art since 2007 ev and recorded the albums of the new phase of the horde, but by differing philosophies and expression within the Torqverem, the departure happened naturally. I make it clear that nothing will affect the partnership and support that will remain forever in the fellowship consolidated.
The compositions remain in Torqverem with F. Iser, and the next steps of the horde will be released once implemented.

- V. A. Necrovisceral – Torqverem

- 05/22/13 e.v.

I thank the brothers of Campina Grande in Paraíba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia by the partnership and brotherhood in the celebrations, and the brothers of Mausoleum for being on our side in this great battle for occult Extreme Metal. The front is strengthened, and the resistance remains standing!

- 08/13/12 e.v.
Greetings ...
I'm communicating the departire of the bass player Iser from the Torqverem horde.
This was a personal decision on his part, having no relation with the Horde or its members.
The support and brotherhood between the actual remains, and Iser continues to be our ally and brother.

The horde strengthens its manifestation preparing the start of recording their new album scheduled for release in mid-2013.

- 06/29/12 e.v.
The Torqverem will make the last conclusion at Hortolandia (v 4.8.12) in the "Act Anti-Religious," and then entering the stage of creation of the new album scheduled to be recorded at the beginning of next year.

As you all know the album Vber Crvciatvs was a "compilation" of my creations (between 1998 and 2007 ev), making the next album a true reflection of how Torqverem as a horde!

Our energy and attention is fully directed to the depths of all creation and funerals hitherto known! Bringing a new manifestation in the form of philosophy and sound.... In Hidden Extreme Metal!

- V. A. Necrovisceral

- 03/04/12 e.v. - Review made ​​by HellDivine
Greetings ...

They did a review about the horde (published in HellDivine n. 08: March/2012), where the album VBER CRVCIATVS scored high on side by side by bands like Alcest (France), Aborted (Belgium).

It has been extremely positive and an emphasize a review of the comments: "... the national metal (especially extreme) is stronger and more obstinate than ever, and not dead or worn as some people love to say..." What did I see even more firmly that we are fighting this battle and showing that we are part of a scene that conquers space and power primarily in the areas that have hidden some philosophy to express! Not just in music "popular" and "metalheads" that both deplete our scene!

The war has just begun...

- V. A. Necrovisceral

30/10/11 e.v. – Release of the full length "Vber Crvciatvs"

Greetings ...

Finally the black art was manifested in an artifact to be disseminated to the warriors of the Hidden Extreme Metal! In one version featuring a digipack and booklet creation abysmal that the album deserves.

There are 72-minute symphony of chaos and universal attacks of misrepresentation of reality to the delight of the most profane and dark abyss!

The album features songs from the time of Araraquara and Porto Alegre going until the formation of the horde, adding nearly a decade of records written in the studio.

- V. A. Necrovisceral

- 12/08/11 e.v. – Tour with Horna (FIN) confirmed Greetings!

We are pleased to announce the opening Torqverem as horde for Horna (FIN) within the national territory during late October and early November.

This opportunity came at the invitation of the Metal Army after the announcement of the launch of our full-length "Vber Crvciatvs", being a great opportunity for both. We had already received invitations to play at other times with hordes of devoted our scenario hidden, but it was not the time nor had reason to it ... And now with the launch of our play the big moment has arrived! Dates will be 10 by opening the abyss tearing across Brazil.

- V. A. Necrovisceral

- 28/07/11 e.v. – Partnership with MS Metal Press \ Eternal Hatred


I finally decided to provide the recorded material so chaotic four years ago "Vber Crvciatvs" (recording studio containing "history" of Torqverem in compositions since 1998 ev until 2007 when it was recorded), and it formalized an alliance with the press and Eternal Hatred distribution, the presence of course keeping and administration of all with respect to Torqverem. This partnership has everything to help us further spread our art and philosophy, it also helps to distribute the album and spreading the darkness of Torqverem on land and plans even more distant.

- V. A. Necrovisceral 

- 20/05/11 e.v. – Iser officially in the horde

Greetings ...

After almost a year playing as a "session member," Iser officially enter the horde as bass and adds even more in our production and execution of art and philosophy of Torqverem.


- V. A. Necrovisceral

- 18/11/10 e.v. - Iser as a bassist in the celebrations

Greetings ...

It is with great satisfaction that I have been communicating the support of a major ally and brother of the horde, now officially integrated into Torqverem as bassist in our celebrations. Fernando Iser (Malediction, Kaziklu Bey and Black Death) is now part of our war and supports the implementation of Black Metal and hidden blasphemy live.


- V. A. Necrovisceral

- 23/06/10 e.v. - Release of the material "Opus Infernii"

Greetings ...

After so many years struggling, and with a large gap left by the absence of material recorded by the project and now horde Torqverem, I have proudly announce that the artifact "Opus Infernii" is ready to be passed on to the ideals of war and allies in Metal black, and so Torqverem will disseminate its philosophy and accompanying real war on our own. Interested in contact.

And to start the great war!


- 28/12/09 e.v. - Departure of the bass player Count Noctulius

Greetings ...

With the start of recording artifact official publication of the horde "Infernii Opus", officially announce the departure of bassist Count Noctulius.

Count Noctulius followed the herd in some celebrations during the year 2009 ev and recorded the bass lines on the album "Vber Crvciatvs" which will be released in 2011 ev. Becoming evident that this material was only the participation of the same.


- V. A. Necrovisceral

- 22/05/09 e.v. - Celebration of Satan in the Woods postponed

Greetings ...

It is a major flaw the fact that even cultural events happen as they vetoed the event that we would play in Joinville (V Woods in celebration of Satan) on 23/05/09 at Tour of the Black Angel (PER). By anonymous accusation of religious participants showed that the "practice human sacrifice," the federal police along with local police cordoned off the event and the shed in which it would take place.

Is not justified such a thing, we can not cross your arms in front of an attitude like this out of proportion. It is not "normal", and many act as if ... Making room for other times and thus diminish the space for celebrations of Black Metal. We have to direct the actions and demonstrations against the ignorance and use our resources to educate the expression and rejection of Christian predominance and numbness of the "critical thinking" as the same as our expression is considered "strange", theirs is also in . Where is the secular state? The "applicable law" should also remain secular!

I express my full support for the organization of the Woods Celebration of Satan that has worked so hard and dedicated themselves to make it a great event. And we're all for the same ideal and keeping us strong in the war for freedom and for the sake of our philosophy.


- V. A. Necrovisceral

- 10/05/09 e.v. - About Nazism and external issues

Greetings ...

After watching in silence the floor of the facts and some demonstrations, I would like to express here officially that Torqverem has no political vision, or otherwise support any movement (Zionist, Nazi, Communist, imperialist etc ...). We perform only Black Metal, its philosophy and strength ...

While I had as proof that many do not want to know the truth, and worship empty speeches weakening our scene, also got the answers I needed ... Separating those who came directly know our true ideals, and creating strong alliances that I have.

Empty talk and gossip are the same as the church did in the Middle Ages with the "unknown" at the time of the Inquisition ... And the people went with ignorance. I see once again flock movements and disunity within our Black Metal scene.

The Torqverem runs the real Black Metal. And the "ignorance and oppression" that both Nazi reproach is repeated so ridiculous and "Christian" for who gives the unknown names and labels within our honored ideal.

Strength and Honor! Seriousness and unity for the national Black Metal!

- V. A. Necrovisceral