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As a form of keeping free and alive the individual expression of the corrosive external-collective world, summed with the increasing hate to the stinking "religious cancer", from the obscure labyrinths emerged the manifestation called TORQVEREM.

And through this ideology and philosophy, it was started the war called “Intellectual Misanthropy”, which consists in the absortion of the universe manifestations in its 'natural' form, aiming at strength and evolution to the detriment of the feeble collective creation.

In 1998 e.v. the first expressions came (in Araraquara\SP), and in 2002 e.v. (in Porto Alegre\RS) the entity took the name of TORQVEREM, bloodbathed and using as catalyst the despair and perception acquired during unique experiences which made possible the knowledge of fields and areas till then sterile.

In its first line-up (2002 – 2005 e.v.), TORQVEREM counted on V. A. Necrovisceral on guitars and vocals, Profaner on drums/percussion (Morterix and ex-Impetus Malignum) and the Uruguayan Sebastian (Karkadam and Luctiferu) on vocals and bass.

Back to the countryside of São Paulo in 2006 e.v., there were some changes in the compositions aiming at exploring the vasness of the human abyss in their most piercing disorder, and then Janvs Necrokramer joined the horde on drums/percussion followed by the violinist Mistika Necrolunna on the recording or the experimental material “Funeral da Alma Cristã” (2007 e.v.), limited to 40 blood-numbered copies.

After recording the first “demo”, Count Noctulius (ex-Corpse of Christ, Fortian Greymorning, currently in Agouro and Legio Inferi) has taken the bass and with the violin out, recorded the full lenght “Vber Crvciatvs” (released only in 2011 e.v.) and taking part in live gigs during the years of 2008-2009 e.v. in several concerts throughout the country.

In 2010 e.v. the horde formalised the second 'demo' material limited to also blood-numbered 250 copies, called “Opvs Infernii” (2010 e.v.), until F. Iser (ex-Kaziklu Bey, currently in Morte Negra, Malediction, Herege and Lalssu) has entered to play live, and then in honored form has started his jourey officially with Torqverem.

Everything was an introduction for the war of almost 10 years to be declared with the release of the album “Vber Crvciatvs” in november, 2011 e.v., beginning the alliance with MS Metal Press and the label Eternal Hatred, disseminating the philosophy of Torqverem.

With Janvs Necrokramer quiting the horde, Torqverem entered a new phase since 2014 e.v., partnering with Pagan War Distro, Lab 6, Veron Custom Tattoos and Sulphur Recs, preparing another hateful manifestation to be created, and in 2015 e.v. Alcoholic Death (ex-Unmemory, Necrofilia and Remords Posthume, currently in Laconist) has assumed definitely the drums/percussion for the new material to be recorded, and for the occult history of Torqverem to continue being forged with hate and blood.

We express the trve art, created with strength, evolution and freedom, worshipping the occult war path!

Freedom and evolution to the spirit, because it will be your cage or paradise for eternity... Let the great torture begins...

- V. A. Necrovisceral

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